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The Aspen Connection

    Website Overview

    The Aspen Connection is a website designed for a licensed counselor who specializes in burnout retreat programs. The website is intended to inform potential clients about the counselor’s services, provide information about burnout, and offer resources for managing stress and anxiety.

    Design Objectives

    The primary design objectives of the website were to create a calming and inviting atmosphere, provide clear and concise information about the counselor’s services, and incorporate elements of nature therapy and yoga.

    Design Elements

    The website features a minimalist design with a focus on clean lines and white space. The color palette is neutral and earthy, with shades of green, blue, and brown. The website also incorporates images of nature, information and statistics about burnout, as well as yoga poses and breathing exercises.

    Key Features

    • Homepage: The homepage features a hero image of a session at one of the retreats. The homepage also includes a brief overview of the counselor’s services, a call to action to schedule a consultation, and links to other educational and upcoming events pages on the website.
    • About: The About page provides information about the counselor’s background and experience, as well as their philosophy on burnout and stress management.
    • Upcoming Events: The Upcoming Events page outlines the upcoming retreat programs, which are outlined into different ‘Experience Styles’
    • Contact: The Contact page provides information about how to contact them and to schedule a consultation or learn more about their services.

    Special Features

    • “Personality Quiz” for Which Experience is Right for You? This acts an an engaging tool which is both fun for the front-end user, and informative to the services that The Aspen Connection provides.
    • Monthly Newsletter
    • Appointment Scheduler with user-Friendly Calendar

    Additional Portfolio Notes

    • The website is responsive and mobile-friendly, ensuring that it can be easily accessed on all devices.
    • The website is optimized for search engines, making it easy for potential clients to find services.
    • The website is regularly updated with fresh content, including blog posts, videos, and graphics.